How To Fix A Broken iPod Without Spending Too Much

iPod Hard Disk Problems

iPod Hard Disk Problems

Just like any other electronic device, an iPod has a limited lifetime and it usually depends on how careful you are with it. There are also situations when no matter how careful you are, you may still end up with a dysfunctional gadget. A simple shake or perhaps a little hit can give you the sad face on the screen. Whenever you see that face, you know something is wrong. The face is often associated with a very common sound. Usually, it is the spinning hard drive, so the sound signals slight difficulties. Fortunately, you have a few solutions at your disposal. Some of them are professional, while others can be tried at home.


It is in the human nature to smack something whenever it does not work. Whether your monitor is losing its colors or the television set has some problems, smacking is usually the first solution. No one can tell what is behind this violent solution, but it sometimes works. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply it to your iPod too. Grab the gadget with one hand, open the palm of the other one and hit it with the narrow side. The method must be applied as you hear the ticking sounds, so it should be turned on first. So where is the secret?

Smacking it for a few times will relax and loosen the hard drive. At some moment, you should no longer hear those sounds, while the iPod might work properly. Once you get it started, format the hard drive to prevent further problems. You will most likely spot a few bad sectors too, but there is nothing to worry about.


The weakling method implies dismantling the iPod. If you still have a warranty, you will void it. Besides, you should avoid such home techniques when you can take it to a service for free. However, if the warranty is long gone, a little experience can get your gadget back on track.

  • Take out the iPod cover, so you can actually see the hard drive.
  • Plug the gadget into your computer.
  • Flick the hard drive with your fingers while the device is turning on, as soon as you see the Apple logo.
  • The method has been reported to work in a lot of users, but this is not a general rule.

Apple methods

Apple has released a few tutorials and ideas regarding these common problems, especially for those whose warranties are over. Trying them is always worth instead of just spending a lot on a repair service. The service is a last resort, while these recommended techniques do not ask for any investments.

  • Wait for about half an hour and let the iPod fully recharge. Even if it takes less than that, let it plugged in for 30 minutes and try starting it then.
  • Try a different USB for the cable. If you have a friend with another iPod, you can just borrow it for a few minutes to try.
  • Try a different USB port on the computer as well, since the respective one may be worn out.
  • Try removing all the other USB based connections from your computer, whether you got a memory drive, a camera or a mouse.
  • Install or upgrade to the latest iPod software, as well as the iTunes version.

If none of these ideas can help your iPod recover, a service is your last option.

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