What to do if your iPod Touch Screen is Broken

smash_200x250[1]The iPod Touch is perhaps the most trendy accessory ever known to man. I mean what can’t it do… you can listen to music, play games, watch movies, browse the web… the list is almost endless…

BUT… if you broke the screen the joy is over. At least for a while anyway. Most people I speak to still find their iPod Touch is still usable after the screen has been broken. I often see people walking down the street or on the tube happily using their iPod with a completely smashed broken screen. If you’re happy to have the screen smashed and only partly visible then that’s an option. Sometimes the best option is to literately ”do nothing”.

But there are some other choices which I am going to outline:

Repair your iPod Touch yourself

The are perhaps a hundred clips on YouTube of people happily beavering away trying to fix their iPod. You can buy some parts and tools on eBay and then have a go yourself. To me personally that’s a bit daunting  I mean there is like 100 screws on that thing, not to mention the pain of opening the thing in the 1st place. This is not my preferred choice – but many people do opt for this, depending on your personal skills with a screwdriver then it may be the choice for you.

Scrap it

You may feel that you want to give the iPod to a younger family member, or maybe directly to the bin. Or perhaps you could take it to a local charity shop and they could put it to some good use. There are also sites on the web that will buy your old devices, similar to mobile phones. You will not get a lot of money for the iPod as they can’t know the extent of the damage. Again, eBay could come into play here – I see broken devices on eBay all the time. No doubt they get fixed and resold.

Upgrade it

Maybe you like the look of a newer model – or more memory – this is your chance to upgrade :)

Again, you may be able to part exchange your broken iPod Touch at the shop you buy from. People like Argos or Dixons won’t help you, but a smaller shop may be interested, or perhaps somewhere like CEX. Give it a try – you might find you get a big chunk knocked off the price of a shiny new one.

ipod_touch_screen_repair[1]Repair it - iPod Touch Screen Repair

This is my option of choice to be fair. My recommendation is to get the device professionally repaired. There are a host of repair companies, you’ll need to choose if you want it repaired locally (in which case be wary of market stalls – as you’ll have no come back if something goes wrong). Or a professional web based repair company, someone like iPod Repair Center. What I like is that these guys are specialists in iPods, and they seem to know their stuff based on the customer feedback I read. They also care about the customer – i.e. they have a real phone number (not a 0845 or anything like that) and they offer full web based tracking. They also offer a warranty which I think is a MUST.

Well, I hope you found my little article helpful to make up your mind what to do with you Broken iPod Touch screen. Tata for now.


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